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What Is Portion Control? How Does Eating in Portions Benefit Your Weight Loss?

Diet Doctor in Kendall

Measuring Portion Size

Do you pay attention to what you eat? Think about the foods you ate today, how healthy were your choices? If very healthy, then you’re on the right track! Otherwise, there may need to be a drastic change in your diet to successfully achieve your weight loss goals. Counting the calories you per day can sound very overwhelming. The only way you can reach your goal for weight loss is by pushing yourself harder than everybody else. If you are really looking towards that day in which you lost the pounds you expected to lose, then put your health as top priority. You can really motivate yourself when you put your health in front of everything else. Even if it’s counting the number of calories to spending a bit more for healthier choices, if you want a healthier life then sacrifices will need to be made. That’s what portion control is all about, gaining understanding of the serving size and number of calories the food you eat contains.

Pay Attention to Your Medical History

If you’re suffering from a certain health condition such as diabetes, paying attention to the serving size and its calories is detrimental. Losing weight when having this condition is not easy, but it’s possible! At Kitsune, our Diet Doctor in Kendall analyzes each of our patients’ medical history to attain an effective weight loss result. It is important that you take in consideration your medical history obtained by our Diet Doctor in Kendall to safely lose weight. The amount you eat will be measured according to your weight and the number of pounds you have to lose.

Controlling The Serving Size

A good way to control the size of servings you eat is by never skipping meals. Not only does skipping meals actually slow down your metabolism but contributes to weight gain. Controlling the portion sizes allow you to distribute the needed calories per day for the body to properly function. The only and best way to reach a successful weight loss is by keeping your metabolism going through healthy eating, physical activity and weight loss pills if prescribed by a Diet Doctor in Kendall. Trust our Kitsune medical program to reach the end of your weight loss journey!

With the help of our Diet Doctor in Kendall, controlling the number of calories you consume in each serving, as well as the size is necessary to obtain effective weight loss results. Call today at (305) 595 – 1300 or click here to make an appointment.