Diet Plan in Kendall

Medical Weight Loss Plans in South Florida

The United States offers a variety of medical weight loss clinics all over the country. These typically will provide nutritional plans, counseling, as well as medication to help patients safely and effectively promote weight loss.

Physician-monitored programs remain popular amongst patients who feel comfortable within a structured curriculum, also feeling ready to make significant transformations to their diet plan in Kendall to help them lose weight. Unfortunately, without the right program, patients may experience challenges committing to the plan long enough to visualize results.

Nonetheless, with a qualified and experienced team like Kitsune Medical Weight Loss from Fox Medical Centers, our team commits to helping our patients achieve their preeminent weight loss goals. This extends beyond simple weight loss, ensuring that patients can maintain a healthy weight throughout and beyond the program.

Everyone’s body and their relationship with food differ. This is precisely why a customized nutritional and diet plan in Kendall is essential to fit our unique, individual needs. In this situation, care providers can offer comprehensive, nonsurgical solutions that help patients lose weight.

Relying on the right combination of clinical and lifestyle adaptations, in addition to patient goals, specialists can cultivate a solution that remains tailored to each individual’s weight loss needs and realistic expectations.

How Does a Medical Diet Plan in Kendall Work?

At the very first consultation, patients meet with a medical specialist for testing, analysis, and diagnosis. The provider will administer various tests, screenings, and other measurements, including potentially an EKG, urinalysis, body composition analysis, blood panel, and numerous other vitals. They will also want to know about patient health histories and administered prescriptions.

Once this phase is complete, the provider can rely on the information they obtain to cultivate an individualized diet plan in Kendall. This can also be used as an exercise regimen that emphasizes accountability, education, and emotional support. Some plans may also include weight loss medication, diet supplementation, and vitamin-based supplements as well.

The physicians will also recommend and even require weekly check-ins. These help monitor patient health while offering an opportunity to administer supplements, and make prescriptions. This is the perfect time for patients to ask questions and address any concerns regarding their diet plan in Kendall.

Specialists will also utilize the information they obtain from check-ins to make any necessary adaptations to the plan as patients progress through the program. Once patients reach their targets, the care provider may recommend transitioning into monthly meetings as the weekly check-ins will no longer remain necessary.

What Patients May Eat with a Diet Plan in Kendall

Medically-assisted weight loss promotes high-protein, low-calorie dieting. This puts the body into a nutritional state of ketosis. The state helps patients burn primarily stored fat, as opposed to glucose for fuel.

During the initial diet plan phases, patients will primarily eat protein-rich foods to help induce ketosis. Calorie counts at this stage are typically low, around 500 to 700, and come from protein sources.

Hydration is also a crucial component of a medically-assisted diet plan in Kendall. When changing nutritional regimens, patients can become sluggish or constipated as due to the reduction in ingested carbohydrates.

Adequate hydration often reduces these unfortunate symptoms. For this reason, specialists require a hydration level for each patient that is unique to their weight and activity level.

When patients begin to get close to their weight loss goals, specialists will move them into a short-term maintenance phase where they slowly increase carbohydrate intake. Protein calories may stay the same, or change based on patient weight loss needs.

During the final phase is when patients modify visitations to a monthly schedule where a physician balances out their carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The last step of a medical diet plan in Kendall appears very similar to traditional low-carb eating plans.

A Medically-Assisted Diet Plan in Kendall from Kitsune Medical Weight Loss

No diet plan will ideally serve every patient. Different people wield different needs, and the right program for you is one that can fit into your lifestyle and other long-term health goals. By most accounts, patients can easily make the necessary adaptations by the Kitsune diet plan in Kendall.

The structure is very helpful for those that want to lose weight, and imposes few restrictions that serve as “deal-breakers.” Our team from Fox Medical Center works to help patients feel their best, offering education and guidance through every step of our weight loss program.

If you want to learn more about losing weight safely and effectively with our diet plan in Kendall, contact Kitsune Medical Weight Loss to make an appointment today!