Diet Plan in Westchester

Is a Medically Supervised Diet Plan in Westchester Right for You?

Advertising certainly provides a consistent image, imparting advertising of slender, happy individuals showing off their newfound figure after losing an absolute ton of weight. Unfortunately, what the initiatives don’t demonstrate is how much hard work it takes to maintain long-lasting weight loss.

Many people that suffer from obesity or remain overweight often need to resource outside help. This is especially true when their excess weight could adversely affect their overall health and wellness.

In these instances, a medically-assisted weight loss and diet plan in Westchester may provide precisely what they need. Nevertheless, specialized nutrition is only a small component of otherwise comprehensive programs.

Many patients attempt and fail to lose and maintain weight on their own. To improve and help these individuals address their health concerns, providers like Kitsune Medical Weight Loss offer specialized care to address overweight and obese conditions.

This provides patients the tools and resources they need to not only lose weight but keep it off as well. The focus is on helping patients lose and manage their body weight while also maintaining an optimally-healthy lifestyle. As a result, these individuals can actually decrease their risk of disease on their course to comprehensive health and wellness.

Techniques Utilized with a Medically-Supervised Weight Loss and Diet Plan in Westchester

Medical specialists take a variety of approaches to helping their patients lose weight. This could range from diet and exercise to prescription weight loss medications. The choice these experts make will depend on a patient’s unique, individual condition and their health needs.

Behavior Modification

Many weight loss and diet plans focus on behavior modification. This primarily centers on making adaptations to diet, as well as exercise. The approach is often the first approach and can even incorporation other techniques.

Most times, behavior modification is crucial to the success of a weight loss and diet plan in Westchester. This intervention helps patients monitor what they eat while dealing with food deprivation. It additionally incorporates things like added exercise that remains customized to their bodies and fitness level to lose weight, and maintain long-term weight loss.

Meal Replacement and Nutritional Adaptation

A diet plan in Westchester provides patients with meal replacement adaptations that can help them optimally lose weight. This also often involves counseling and behavior modification, as well. The program will evolve through phases that include education and support to help the patients return to preparing healthy, nutritional meals on their own.


In spite of exercise and diet remaining the most accepted and regularly optimal solutions for weight loss, some patients may require programs that involve pharmacotherapy. Prescribed weight loss medication can help individuals that wield difficulty losing weight on their own without this sometimes-necessary supplementation.

Surgical Weight Loss

Surgical weight loss continues gaining in popularity. The intervention of modern medicine and advanced surgical techniques has significantly improved patient outcomes. However, this is often the last resort when a weight loss and diet plan in Westchester remains unable to assist patients with their weight loss and maintenance over time.

This is an extreme form of intervention often utilized after numerous other medically-supervised methods don’t work. Nevertheless, it remains the ideal solution for patients that struggle with severe obesity and other diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

A Medical Diet Plan in Westchester from Kitsune Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss offers patients a comprehensive management program in a clinical setting. People that suffer from obesity and overweight conditions can benefit from a weight loss and diet plan in Westchester with low-calorie meal replacement and other support structures from weight-loss experts. This helps them lose weight as swiftly and safely as possible.

“Medically supervised” may take the form of a variety of meanings. For this reason, it remains crucial to discover and consult with an expert, professional medical team before beginning a program.

You can achieve the best weight-loss outcome with a comprehensive program that involves a physician, as well as a dietician or behavioral specialist. This imparts guidance during and after treatment to help attain various weight loss benefits.

At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss from Fox Medical Centers, we focus on the unique, individual nature of every patient while we help them on the course towards recovery. We want to help you look and feel your absolute best, losing weight in a safe and supervised environment. To learn more about our weight loss and diet plan in Westchester, contact our professional and dedicated team today!