Easy Weight Loss Plan

Why is Breakfast so Important? How Does it Help Your Weight Loss Journey?

Easy Weight Loss Plan

For some reason, people have had a wrong opinion of eating breakfast in the morning, saying that skipping breakfast would help them lose weight. At Kitsune, we have had many patients come in explaining that they were not seeing results from skipping breakfast. We always urge our patients to follow a healthy and effective eating schedule that we create for them. Each of our personalized schedules contribute to our Easy Weight Loss Plan for our patients, and by skipping breakfast you complicate the schedule and your weight loss results.

What are the benefits of breakfast?

  • Diabetes: By having a healthy breakfast, you may decrease your risk of diabetes.
  • Memory: Eating breakfast can improve your cognitive function that is related to memory!
  • Heart Disease: When you skip breakfast, you increase your risk of hypertension, insulin resistance, and high levels of blood sugar. With our Easy Weight Loss Plan, you can guarantee to include healthier breakfast meals in your schedule, which will help you avoid any of those conditions.
  • Nutrition: You can intake more valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals during your breakfast meal!
  • Concentration: It has been proven that eating breakfast can help you become focused and concentrated in order to tackle the daily tasks ahead.
  • Strength and endurance: Having a full and healthy breakfast can help boost your energy and physical stamina for better performance.

What is the most important benefit of breakfast? Weight loss!

  • By making breakfast your largest meal of the day can help you lose weight! When you skip breakfast, you are hungry the rest of the day and it causes you to eat a larger lunch and dinner which helps increase your chances of gaining weight instead of losing it. With our Easy Weight Loss Plan, we make sure to include a breakfast that is healthy and wholesome so that it may benefit your weight loss results.

At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we want to help you reach all of your weight loss goals! If you or someone you know has been struggling with weight, then contact the Kitsune Weight Professionals today at 305-595-1300 to find out how our Easy Weight Loss Plan can benefit you!