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If this is your first diet, or if you’ve been struggling with diets and exercise plans, one thing is for certain. Losing weight can be extraordinarily difficult, especially if you are doing it on your own. With so many things to factor in and so many possible setbacks, your goals can seem so far out of reach and make weight loss an incredibly daunting task to achieve. So much so that a huge percentage of people taking it upon themselves to start a weight loss regimen stop soon after through frustration, lack of belief, or even because there was no one to hold them accountable.  The specialist’s at the Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center may be of assistance!

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And start on the path to feeling fit and healthy. We will partner with you to ensure it’s the last time you have to put yourself through this process. The Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy weight and healthy living.  We understand the unique and individual needs of each patient and will customize and shape a weight loss plan according to your specific goals.

Dedication is the Key to Success

Sometimes we all need a little bit of assistance to help us achieve our dreams. At the Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center, we require a weekly office visit to help monitor progress and better help us to help you in accomplishing your weight loss aspirations. During these visits, you will weigh in and we will measure your BMI (or body mass index) and take your blood pressure. These measurements along with your entire medical history are vital to us as well as determining if any medicines or supplements you may be taking may interfere with your custom program.

  • When you enroll in a Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center program, the length of the program will be determined with you working hand in hand with our staff based on the amount of weight you’re looking to lose, and how quickly you want to lose it. As the program progresses, the rate of weight loss may change, and there for the program will change with it.

Results can be determined by a variety of factors. Medical circumstances, the type of plan you choose, and your dedication and adherence to the meal plan and nutrition supplements all weigh in on final results.  These contributing factors are ever changing, and as your needs change, weekly observation helps the Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center maintain adaptability in applying the best weight loss plan possible.

Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center Program

The penultimate goal of the Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center is not only to provide a methodology to help patients lose weight, but also to educate patients on how weight loss works and how to keep the weight off. It can be a major struggle to lose weight through exercise and proper dieting, but can be even tougher to maintain a healthy weight long after initial weight loss is achieved. This is where doctors and nutritionists can bridge the gap to deliver the safest weight loss options for every individual patient’s needs. We want you to not only lose the weight but learn the proper methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Medicated Weight Loss

There are times when professionals will prescribe a regimen along with medical weight loss pills. Though this is not an out of the ordinary practice, weight loss pills should never be used as a substitute for a healthy nutritional diet and exercise.

Weight loss pills are definitely not the solution for everyone. That is exactly the reason why at the Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center, our staff takes their time to analyze each patient’s individual case, and make sure we provide you the best possible option to ensure your success. Using medical weight loss pills can help you lose between 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight and therefore help to improve overall health by decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center Cares

It can be hard finding a physician who really cares enough to keep your best interests in mind. Many “health and wellness” programs are based on getting people in the door and back out again hoping to never see them again. Once you begin with the Fox Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center, you can visit our clinic any time you like! We encourage frequent visitation for checkups as we believe it will increase not only your chances of weight loss but also the probability of keeping the weight off. Our staff understands how difficult life can be at times, so we pride ourselves on providing safe treatments, weight loss plans, and diets to make things as streamlined and easy as possible.

Every patient’s body and physiology are unique. At the Kendall Medical Weight Loss Center, you will find yourself not only with a physician who cares about your individual weight loss goals and needs, but a whole team dedicated to your unique weight loss plan solutions. Weight loss can be a life saver for several people for a variety of reasons ranging from heart problems to general obesity. Losing weight can lead to a slew of health benefits and a general improvement on overall health. Finding a professional who is willing to work with you and make a plan focusing on your individual needs is paramount in the undertaking to not only lose, but keep the weight off for good.

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