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Have You Ever Skipped a Meal? Here Is Why That Can Harm Your Weight Loss!

Kendall Weight Loss Clinic

At the Kendall Weight Loss Clinic, we have seen many of our customers expect to have meals skipped in the custom nutrition plan that we create for them with our professional nutritionists. As professional weight loss doctors, we are always shocked to hear that other weight loss companies have urged them to lose weight by skipping meals. We make sure that all of our customers that visit the Kendall Weight Loss Clinic are given healthy and effective nutritional plans in order for them to see noticeable results without sacrificing their overall health!

Many people have yet to understand the damage that comes along with skipping a meal, and at Kitsune, we feel it is important for us to remind you all that having your three meals a day, with two snacks, is imperative for your weight loss.

Here is what skipping a meal does to you:

  1. Lack of nutrients: Part of weight loss is having a sufficient amount of nutrients that can boost your energy, endurance, and immune system to give you the best results. If you were to skip a meal, you can easily miss the opportunity to give your body necessary nutrition. Having lack of nutrients can later develop fatigue, poor mental function, and other health issues.
  2. Weight: Many researches have found that skipping a meal can allow you to lose bad weight and increase your belly fat if it were to be a frequent and consistent part of your diet.
  3. Sickness: Skipping a meal takes away valuable nourishment for your body that develops sickness. If one is sick, what is the likeliness of them going to exercise? It is a very slim chance, which is why we urge you to stick to our custome weight loss plan that allows you to have a balance of both meals, and exercise.

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