Custom Weight Loss Program in Miami

Kitsune Medical Weight Loss Benefits


Let us introduce ourselves

Kitsune Medical Weight Loss is a unique program only offered by the specialists at Fox Medical Centers. Patients who elect to begin the Kitsune program have a choice of an injection regimen, or drops. Our team of weight loss doctors in Miami will take your current medical condition, as well as your unique metabolism into consideration when cultivating your custom-tailored weight loss plan.

Medical Weight Loss in Miami

The Fox Medical Centers team understands that every individual is unique, and has their unique needs and concerns. This is exactly why our medical weight loss center has formulated the Kitsune system. We will codify a treatment specifically according to your personal circumstances, and your penultimate weight loss goals.

Once you have begun the Kitsune Medical Weight Loss Program, we require a weekly check-in with one of our specialists at our weight loss clinic in Miami. These visits allow us to monitor your progress and adapt your plan based on the progress that you have made since beginning the program. Within the first few weeks, there won’t be much adaptation, but as the program progresses we can modify your weight loss plan to adjust for any needs or concerns.

During your initial visit our specialists will:

  • Weigh you
  • Measure your body fat
  • Take your blood pressure

Fox Medical Centers wants nothing more than to help you successfully achieve your weight loss goals. Our objective is to provide patients with a solid foundation that is required to accomplish their weight loss goal safely, and effectively. We don’t just want you looking good, but feeling good too!

Our team takes pride in our Kitsune Medical Weight Loss Program and we are confident that you will be equally pleased with your results. The details of your medical history are just as important to us as the final outcome of the program. This aids both the physicians and you as a patient to ensure none of the medications and supplements you may be currently taking will interfere with your medical weight loss program.

If at all possible, our physicians would love to work harmoniously with your current Primary Care Physician (PCP) or another specialist to select the best program for medical weight loss in Miami to suit your needs, while ensuring you’re doing so both happily, and healthily.


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The goal of Kitsune Medical Weight Loss is to successfully provide a way for our patients to lose weight and to educate our patients on how to keep the weight off. For many patients it has been a struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, that is where our doctors and certified nutritionists come in. Other weight loss options may provide a quick solution, which is not the safest and most effective way. These solutions can leave you with loose and dangling skin because of such rapid weight loss. Kitsune provides their patients with licensed specialists, who will take the time to analyze each patient, and their medical history in order to deliver the safest weight loss option for them.

Best Diet to Lose Weight

While there are other weight loss options, Kitsune Medical Weight Loss is the best option for you. We understand that each patient has different needs, and we create nutrition programs that are specifically created for each individual with their personal health in mind. At Kitsune we want you to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Best Diet to Lose Weight

Best Diet to Lose Weight