Medical Weight Loss Program in South Miami

Medical Weight Loss Program in South Miami

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If you have decided you want to lose weight, it can be challenging to know where to begin! 


Perhaps you’ve looked up a few Youtube channels or followed your favorite fitness Instagrams and been intimidated at the intensity of their workouts. 


However, before you sign up for a gym membership or start looking up fad diets, it’s important that you get a physical. A medical professional can help make sure that you choose the right fitness and diet plan to maximize your weight loss potential while staying healthy.


What is the Kitsune Medical Weight Loss Program?


The Kitsune Medical Weight Loss Program is a Fox Medical Center program designed to work with your unique physiology. As part of the program, we safely administer the HCG hormone to help you achieve your weight loss goal.


Through a series of tests, we will take into account your previous medical history and calculate your metabolism speed, take your blood pressure, and measure your body fat. 


Using this information, we will design a diet that can help you lose weight as sustainably and quickly as possible. 


What is the program like?


Our medical weight loss program in South Miami is not a one and done program. 


After the initial check-up, you will come back for weekly progress reports so that we can tweak your weight loss plan and HCG dosage to make sure you are safely progressing according to the program. During each weekly visit, we will check your blood pressure, body fat, and weight. Our team of trained professionals will make sure that you are staying on the best path possible. 


Along with your weekly visits, we will help you design a diet and exercise plan that is unique to your physiology and lifestyle, whether it is limiting your caloric intake or finding out the perfect level of exercise for you. 


The key to our program is the HCG hormone. Whether it is drops, pills, or injections is a choice that you can make under the advisement of our professional medical personnel. 


Why Do You Need a Medical Weight Loss Program in South Miami?


There are many reasons that a person might want to lose weight. Whether it is for an event that is coming up, for health reasons, or to feel a little better about yourself, our medical weight loss program in South Miami might be right for you!


The main reason many people decide to lose weight is for aesthetic purposes. Here in South Florida, we spend a lot of time in summer attire. In short, we show a lot of skin! 


When any weekend of the year can be a beach weekend, it’s natural to want to keep your beach body. But even though our weather is summer year-round, we have the same holidays as the rest of the country. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can catch up with us just like they do anyone else. Our program might be the right solution to get rid of your post-holiday weight.


Another reason people choose to lose weight is for health reasons. Being overweight or obese is an epidemic in our culture today, and can take years off your life. 


If you’re ready to make your first step to bettering your health and quality of life, we at Kitsune are here to help guide you through your weight loss process. Losing a lot of weight too quickly or eating the wrong foods can also do damage in the long run. 


The final reason that people choose to lose weight is to better their quality of life. Plenty of people are not overweight and can even be conventionally “thin-looking” on the outside, but have way too much body fat percentage-wise. This imbalance, often caused by the wrong food and sedentary lifestyles so prevalent in our modern times, can lead to lethargy and even depression and anxiety. It’s well-documented that exercise and weight loss can lead to a more positive state of mind and significantly increase your energy over time. 


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Medical Weight Loss Program in South Miami

Our Kitsune medical weight loss program in South Miami is one of the best weight loss programs in Florida. 


Unlike other weight loss programs that prioritize speed and the amount of weight loss, we focus on losing weight slowly and sustainably, so that the weight that you lose stays off. 


The slow and steady route has many benefits, including a reduced chance of loose and dangling skin that often comes from extreme weight loss. Contact us today to make your appointment!