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How Can Our HCG Program Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Quick Weight Loss Products

If you have been trying weight loss plan after weight loss plan without any success, it may be time to try something different. HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that has been shown to help women effectively lose weight when used with a restricted calorie diet. At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, our nutritionists and physicians can recommend the best Quick Weight Loss Products and diets, such as HCG. If you are a woman who has lost motivation in trying to lose weight, HCG may be the diet plan for you.

For over 40 years, patients have used HCG to efficiently and safely lose weight, unlike other Quick Weight Loss Products. The diet follows three phases:

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  • Phase One: Also called HCG loading days, this phase of 2-3 days allows you to eat anything you wish. Whether it be fast food or unhealthy sweets, you can have as much as you would like.
  • Phase Two: During this phase, the diet begins, and it lasts for 20 to 21 days. You will begin taking the HCG and limit your calorie intake to 500 daily with foods that our physicians will recommend for you.
  • Phase Three: After the 21 days, you will continue the 500 calorie diet for about three more days without taking anymore HCG. After the three days, you will be able to increase the number of calories you eat daily.

Our physicians and dieticians will be happy to walk through this program with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Unlike other professed Quick Weight Loss Products, the HCG diet can help you lose up to one pound a day! An HCG diet is best for women who:

  • Have been pregnant several times already
  • Have type-2 diabetes
  • Have a slow metabolism
  • Have trouble losing fat in your arms, thighs, back, and belly
  • If you are currently in menopause or andropause

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At Kitsune Medical Weight Loss, we can provide you specialized Quick Weight Loss Products and diets. When you visit our offices, our physicians and nutritionists will create a diet plan that is tailored to your needs and medical history. Unlike other dangerous plans and diets, we want to help you lose weight naturally and safely. For women who have been trying to look slimmer without results, HCG may be the diet that works for you.

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