Safe Weight Loss Program

Start Today and Lose 35 Pounds by Summer! Here Is How!

Safe Weight Loss Program

How Many Calories to Lose 1 Pound?

How are you planning on becoming fit this year? Do you suffer from a health condition hindering your weight loss? Losing weight can and cannot take a long time. It all depends on how motivated you to reach your weight loss goals. Each pound is 3500 calories, this means that you must cut 500 calories out your diet to lose a pound a week. The best way to burn calories is by adding a type of exercise every single day to reach the 500-calorie loss goal. You have different options such as running, lifting weights, jumping rope, walking around your neighborhood, etc. Make sure that you are enjoying your workout to achieve not only a successful weight loss, but weight management! Our Safe Weight Loss Program at Kitsune can help you reach those pending goals through a safe and effective treatment. Each of our nutritionists obtain the expertise needed to provide you with tips on what’s convenient for you to consume during your weight loss journey.

Achieve a Summer Beach Body

Setting yourself realistic goals are possible at Kitsune. Trust our professional doctors to guide you through a successful weight loss journey. You can lose 35 pounds right before summer begins to get you ready for the long, sunny beach days! Be able to show off your transformed and healthy body to everyone. Not only will you boost your self confidence but you will be able to gain tons of health benefits at our Safe Weight Loss Program. Start today and get rid of those 35 pounds holding you back from living a healthy life.

A Safe, Effective Weight Loss Treatment

Losing weight fast can be tempting when summer is right around the corner. The 35-pound goal is completely possible with our doctors who have helped many other patients lose weight before. Cut out your unhealthy eating habits by receiving delicious food tips from our nutritionists. If you suffer from health conditions, staying fit may seem just impossible, but it’s not! At our Safe Weight Loss Program, our doctors provide all patients with a solution to keep the weight off through a wide range of treatment options.
Lose just about 35 pounds to achieve a healthy weight, as well as health benefits through our successful Safe Weight Loss Program with the help of our doctors. Call today at (305) 595-1300or click here to make an appointment.