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Walking vs. Running: Their Benefits, Differences, and More!

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Walking vs. Running

How often do you exercise during the week? Will walking a few days a week make me lose weight? The truth is, the only way you will achieve your weight loss goals is if you set your mind to it. Once you have made the decision to become healthy, your weight loss journey will be a successful one. Around 70 percent of those who have made the choice of becoming healthy gave up before meeting their goal. If you have reached your weight loss goal then you know the importance of weight management. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active is crucial to everyone’s health. Reasons why people give up on losing weight is because they don’t see the change right away. In order to lose weight, a person must burn more calories than the amount they eat. When you don’t use the energy you consumed earlier, your body stores that energy as fat.

Different Types of Physical Activities

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy diet, which is why our South Florida Weight Doctor in Kitsune will guide you along your weight loss journey. To lose excessive fat in your body, you need to stick to healthy diet and exercise daily. Physical activity must be balanced with the amount of food you if you’re trying to keep a healthy weight. If you’re trying to lose weight then you must make sure that you’re burning more calories than what you’re consuming. There are different types of physical activities you can become involved in to lose all that excess weight and it’s important to speak to a South Florida Weight Doctor about it. One of the most popular cardiovascular fitness activities people integrate as part of becoming healthy is running. Running helps people control their appetite and lose calories much more weight than those who walk. However, walking can be very effective as well. Walking is a moderate-intensity activity which is recommended for adults at least 150 minutes a week.

Which Exercise Is Most Effective?

Running doesn’t have to be more effective than walking. If you’re looking to be successful in your weight loss journey, skipping out on an exercise because you think it won’t be as effective is not going to help you. According to the FITT principles you must look at the frequency, intensity, time, and the type of exercise you are doing. For instance, you can choose walking as your physical activity for the day but choose the right amount of time to burn all the required calories. It’s important that you are changing your exercise routine at least every month in order to prevent getting bored and leaving the fitness life in the past. Walking and running both require different exertion and used different muscles. The intensity of running is obviously much higher than walking which requires much energy usage. Walking, however, can help a person gain the same health benefits as running such as lower blood pressure, lower disease risk, improved cholesterol, healthier heart function, and much more. Speak to our South Florida Weight Doctor to see which type of physical activity will be the most convenient for you!

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