Weight Loss for Kids (1)

Is Your Child on the Road to Obesity? Here Are the Major Signs to Visit Kitsune!

Weight Loss for Kids

What Is the Leading Cause of Child Obesity?

Did you know that child obesity in America has increased from 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012? It’s good to keep in mind what you are feeding your child nowadays. Encourage your children to join an activity at school, or at least integrate physical activity into their lives. Poor diet and lack of exercise are the leading causes of obesity, which is why it’s important to maintain a healthy diet while staying active. Read more

Weight Loss Motivation

Not Feeling Motivated for Weight Loss? Here Is What You Can Do!

Weight Loss Motivation

Have you recently been given a customized weight loss plan from Kitsune? If you have, then it is time to get started! We have many patients that come in extremely motivated, but end up not being motivated enough to make a change for their weight loss results. We want to help! When you have motivation, you get things done faster and in a better mood. Read more